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All work was completed as requested and always on-time or early.

Very responsive, understood the task straight away, completed the task within 1 day, provided the expected end result. Knows how to use the relevant engineering programs

Mladen Helped organised my work for me in carrying out my Cad work in a timely manner and with minimal review corrections. Will engage Mladen again once we get back to normal operations. Regards Michael.

Very professional team, easy to work with and clearly understood what is necessary. Recommended.

Superb contractor! The project completed successfully to our company's satisfaction. Mladen performed above our expectations in technical knowledge, communications, reliability, honesty, and the delivery schedule. As we expended the scope of the project, for example, to include a 3D rendering, Mladen learned to produce a top-quality HD video clip. I learned on our weekly briefing that he never did a rendering and had to spend his own time learning to create the rendering. We established a weekly meeting in which he was on time, with no exception. Mladen invoiced our company for the hours that he needed to complete the project, and we confirmed through an audit that his billing was honest and accurate. Mladen's desire to constantly expand his knowledge and responsibilities is exemplary. I cannot find any improvement suggestions because I am expecting that he will continue to learn and grow on his own. Thank you. We will certainly hire you for future jobs.

Mladen did an excellent job for us. He was responsive and flexible, accommodating several function and design changes we had to make while working with him. He was creative in his problem solving, always communicative and demonstrated a high level of proficiency with 3D modeling, prototype engineering, and product sourcing from manufacturing. I highly recommend him.

Muhammad carried out his work in a timely manner and with minimal review corrections. Will engage Muhammad again once we get back to normal operations. Regards Michael

Mladen was easy to work with. He provided us with a prompt estimate and timeline, and commenced work very quickly. There was a mixup with the deliverables, partly our responsibility and party his responsibility, which was a shame. Other than that, would highly recommend if you have a quick job that you need done

fantastic, quick, responsive, thorough, detailed easy to communicate. job went great

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